City by the Bay

Don’t let your dreams, be just dreams – that’s what I thought when the news of me being sent to the US for work came out. I work for an IT outsourcing company with a client based in the US. Our team usually sends “lucky” people to work on a client site and I was lucky enough to be chosen.

Of course, aside from earning “dollars”, the chance of touring the 50 states in the US without needing a visa (just budget!) is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. So… we took advantage of it. The first city that I (with my friends) went to – San Francisco.

We celebrated our first ever US Thanksgiving (November ’15) in the City by the Bay. It was our first travel out of San Diego so we were still struggling from everything – maps, transportation and of course, budget.

We arrived at the city past noon so we still have enough time to tour around the city. Good thing, we managed to book a hotel near San Francisco’s tourists spots. It was November, Fall season and almost Winter so it was really cold. In addition, from the nickname itself City by the Bay, the city is surrounded by water making it colder. Coming from a tropical country, it was quite difficult for us to adjust. But the experience of wearing jackets, bonnets, leggings and boots was super fun.


One of the tourist spots that we first went to – Fisherman’s Wharf. It was walking distance from the hotel. There’s a lot of things to check and see at the Wharf and the most famous is the Pier 39 and their Clam Chowder served in Sourdough bread bowl. Since the city is surrounded by water, it is also known for its seafood restaurants.